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Artis associates are the most thoughtful and appreciated people on earth. Each day is an opportunity to help people living with the challenges of aging and dementia achieve the essential human needs of purpose, belonging, and joy.

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Associate Benefits

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As one of the most thoughtful people on the planet, we believe you deserve to feel safe, supported, and inspired to grow. In addition to getting to celebrate our amazing residents every day, here are some of the other benefits of working at Artis.  

Benefits are subject to availability and vary by full-time or part-time status.

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88% of Artis associates say “My work has special meaning. This is not just a job.”

SOURCE: Activated Insights Associate Survey

We believe that teamwork, accountability, and mutual respect create an environment where everyone is motivated to be and do their best. We understand interdependence and consider the impact of business decisions on residents, associates, families, local partners, and owners.

We recognize that our attitudes directly affect our residents and each other. We know positivity is integral to holistic well-being and is a collective effort, shared and amplified by associates, residents, families, and our local partners alike. We support residents and each other in building resilience, helping residents to navigate the challenges of aging and dementia with warmth and tenderness.

We think before we act, because we are ultimately responsible for our actions and decisions. We exhibit empathy and integrity. We strive to know and honor each other’s stories and to make each moment meaningful. We exhibit behavior that inspires others to do what’s right for our residents, their families, and our associates.

We believe that optimal well-being can be achieved at any age, and we aim to create an environment that encourages individuality and independence. We believe that the right mix of sleep, nutrition, natural light, movement, meaningful relationships, and opportunities for play are the secret to living an inspired and present life.

We know that while we pride ourselves on what we do, continuous improvement is how we maintain an Artis level of quality. We know that profitability allows us to maintain our promises to residents and families. We embrace change, nimbly adapt from failures, and frequently celebrate successes.

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We strive to create a workplace worthy of the most thoughtful people on earth, with rewards for a job well done and opportunities to grow. We believe nurturing your well-being and fulfillment is the path to providing the highest level of service to our residents and their families.

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