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Benefits of Senior Living with Memory Care

How do family caregivers care for aging parents with memory loss?

If you’re an adult child who’s a caregiver for an older adult, you’re not alone. There are nearly 42 million adults in America caring for someone age 50 or older, and this number is expected to increase as the Baby Boomer generation gets older. In 2026, the first Boomers  will begin turning 80, an age when many seniors need long-term support.  

As the caregiver of an older loved one, you’re probably juggling multiple care tasks. You may have stepped in to help them get around, refill medical prescriptions, or manage their money and pay bills. These tasks are called IADLs or instrumental activities of daily living. They involve planning and are often the first sign that a loved one needs a little extra help. You may also be assisting with ADLs or activities of daily living, such as helping them get in and out of bed, dress, shower, use the toilet, and eat.  

The desire to do what’s best for your parents extends beyond these physical needs. It includes shouldering their mental, emotional, social and spiritual care as well, further blurring the lines between the parent-child relationship you once shared. It’s also painful to see a loved one’s memory and personality change due to dementia. Unfortunately, despite being stretched to their physical and emotional limits, many caregivers feel guilty about taking time for themselves and neglect their own health. If you’re at risk of caregiver burnout, you owe it to yourself to be vigilant about self-care — read our tips here.   

What are the benefits of senior living with Memory Care?

Don’t wait until you’ve reached a breaking point. Considering care options for a loved one who needs dementia care sooner rather than later is essential not just for your health, but for the well-being of the whole family. It can give everyone peace of mind that a loved one is getting the help they need and thriving in a place where they’re safe and secure.  

Allowing others to take care of your parents doesn’t mean you’ll lose the close relationship you share with them. It simply shifts your responsibilities into a decision-making and advocacy role. You’ll spend less time carrying out and managing their care, and more time doing  things you love together. It will also give you the opportunity to rediscover the relationship you have as a daughter or son, and cherish your parents in a new way.

Other benefits of Memory Care:

Maintenance-free Living

You’ll no longer have to keep your parents’ home maintained or manage their household chores. Senior living communities with memory care provide maintenance-free residences with housekeeping, laundry service and dining for their residents.


Keeping loved ones with memory loss safe is a top concern. Artis Senior Living’s Memory Care community is designed to keep them safe while allowing as much independence as possible. Your loved one will be able to find their way around without getting lost, and take part in dining, activities, and hobbies with a greater sense of freedom.In Artis Senior Living, we offer an adaptive environment where each resident always has the choice whether they participate in a group activity. Transparent and frequent communication regarding the care of your loved one is the norm.    

24/7 Support

Many seniors with dementia end up needing full-time support in the later stages of cognitive decline. A Memory Care community provides the right assistance when it’s needed, day or night, with trained caregivers and nurses to help your mom or dad with activities such as getting in and out of bed, using the toilet, and eating. Staff members ensure they take medications in the correct dosage and on time, eat nutritious meals and stay hydrated, and receive immediate attention in the event of an emergency. Artis Senior Living offers families peace of mind with 24-hour care and supervision,  quick response times and proactive safety measures and monitoring.

Specialized Care

Living in senior living with Memory Care gives your loved one access to care plans that might not be available in other kinds of senior living communities. Memory Care caregivers are highly trained in the unique needs of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. 

In Artis Memory Care, our caregivers take a holistic team approach, which means that everyone who cares for your loved one knows their preferences and passions. They can recognize subtle changes as conditions progress, and are able to adapt care and resources to fit your loved one. They also understand the emotional challenges that your parents, you and other family members are facing. They can be a valuable source of support and compassion throughout your family’s journey.  

Quality of Life

If your parents are isolated at home, socialization may be difficult for them. Living in a Memory Care community brings them closer to people their age. Your parents will be part of an enriching lifestyle designed to eliminate boredom and increase their activity level. In an Artis Senior Living Memory Care community, engagement programming is developed around each resident’s abilities and interests. They can take part in a calendar of stimulating activities and events intended to slow down cognitive loss, such as fitness classes, arts and crafts, and music appreciation.  

Sense of Purpose

Because memory loss is different for every individual, dementia care for your loved one should encompass their personal life story, strengths, experiences and memories. Their treatments and therapies will take these into account and encourage them to find a new sense of purpose by living actively in the present.  

Is Memory Care right for you and your family?

Changes to a parent’s health because of memory loss aren’t always obvious. Cognitive decline doesn’t have the immediate impact of a sudden health emergency such as a broken bone or a stroke. Since symptoms unfold over time, early-stage memory loss can seem a lot like ordinary age-related forgetfulness. As conditions progress, some symptoms move rapidly to the advanced stage, while for other people it can take years. This can make it hard to know when it’s time for a senior living community with Memory Care.   

If you’re considering the merits of Memory Care for aging parents or other family members, we can help. We’re a trusted partner for many families who seek the right care for their loved ones. Learn more by signing up for a caregiver event hosted in one of our 27 communities across the nation. You’ll gain valuable resources, information, and support to help you make a decision. You’ll also hear about our unique approach to Memory  Care — The Artis Way — that gives your loved one a voice in our community. Find a community near you today.

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