Bringing happiness to some and healing to others, music is the language of the soul, and people around the world have been tapping into the therapeutic benefits of music for decades.

Did you know music can be used to help heal emotional issues and neurological complications?

Indeed, music can play a vital role in simply managing a person’s mood and or completely improving their overall well-being. That’s why — when it comes to music for dementia — embracing the healing properties of melodies, lyrics and rhythms has shown to have excellent results with seniors who are struggling with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

The Role of Music in Our Lives

People are exposed to melodies and music from a very young age. Parents sing to their children to calm them, schools routinely encourage learning through song, and every celebration we engage in typically includes some form of musical refrain.

In fact, music is intertwined in nearly everything we do. Some of the more telling stats associated with music include the following:

Music for Dementia

Recent research has shown that music therapy can be used to significantly reduce feelings of anxiety, depression, and apathyin people struggling with dementia.

Scientific evidence for an improvement in cognitive function and a reduction in agitation has inspired assisted living facilities to begin incorporating music therapy as a form of treatment to help residents not only live with cognitive decline, but also achieve a more fulfilling life.

In particular, one research project studied people with Alzheimer’s and found their memory for music was not affected by the disease. This was shown when they performed similarly to those without Alzheimer’s in recognizing songs and lyrics.

This musical impact on those with dementia has been attributed to the fact that music stimulates many parts of the brain at the same time. Those areas affecting language, mood and movement, along with the senses of hearing, sight, sound and touch, are all engaged when music is played.

This is why music for dementia patients can be an essential component of their treatment protocol, helping to improve their quality of life and overall well-being.

Benefits of Music for People with Dementia

Some of the more notable benefits associated with exposing people with dementia to musical therapy include:

Memory Care at Artis: Enriched with Music Therapy

At Artis, whether it’s bright and energetic melodies for morning activities or calm and gentle songs to wind down in the evening, music is a simple and highly effective way we help our residents manage emotions and improve their state of mind. Our Memory Care experts implement music therapy in a variety of ways.