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A Little TLC Goes a Long Way Toward a Brighter Future

As vaccines became available at our Artis communities in January and early February, we began our Together Lessening COVID (TLC) initiative, with COVID-19 immunization clinics being planned at each of our communities for initial and follow-up vaccine doses. These clinics marked an exciting and impactful step toward lessening the impact of COVID-19 and getting our most vulnerable population the protection and safety they deserve.

On Our Way Together for a Return to Normal

It’s going to take patience over the next several months as we bridge our way back to a sense of normalcy while keeping everyone safe. Getting vaccinated, along with continuing safety measures, offer the safest possible environment for our residents, our families and our team members.

Using all the tools we have, and a little TLC, we hope to change the course of this pandemic and be a part of bringing it to an end. We’re on our way, together, moving closer each day to more frequent visits with loved ones and once again giving a much-needed hug, with peace of mind.

Be Part of TLC to Your Community

Until the pandemic ends, it’s vital for us all to work together, wherever we are able to help lessen the effects of COVID in our lives. Here are some ways we can do that.

Consider Getting Vaccinated:

  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that COVID-19 vaccines currently available in the United States are highly effective in preventing COVID-19.
  • Based on what we know from past vaccines, experts believe that getting the vaccine may help you from getting seriously ill if you do get COVID-19.
  • Getting the vaccine may also protect people around you, especially those who have an increased risk of serious illness.

Continue to Protect Yourself and Others:

  • We know that vaccinated individuals are protected from illness. But there’s still much we don’t know about the coronavirus. Maintaining a COVID-safe lifestyle is necessary until experts tell us otherwise.
  • Even those who get vaccinated should continue to wear masks, practice social distancing, wash hands frequently and avoid crowds.

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