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As you care for a loved one diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia, you may find yourself overwhelmed and seeking more information. Discover a wealth of educational resources created by our experts to help you better understand dementia and its impact on your loved one and other family members.

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Choosing the right community

  • Things to Consider When Choosing a Memory Care Assisted Living
  • Questions To Ask When Considering a Memory Care Community
  • Financing Assisted Living for Yourself or A Loved One
  • Cost of Living Comparison
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Navigating care decisions

  • 10 Reasons to Choose Assisted Living vs. Home Care
  • When to Decide Memory Care Is Right for your Loved One
  • Questions for Your Doctor
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Dementia education

  • What Is Dementia?
  • Managing Challenging Behaviors in Dementia
  • Benefits of Social Interaction for Seniors Living with Dementia
  • 10 Early Signs and Symptoms of Memory Impairment
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Helpful insights and tips

  • Improve Dementia Symptoms with the Mediterranean Diet
  • 10 Things To Do With Your Loved One Who Has Dementia
  • Dementia and Summer Safety Tips
  • 10 Tips to Make Your Home Dementia Friendly

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