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Positive Partnerships in Memory Care

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Benefits of Positive Partnerships in Memory Care

Artis Senior Living communities are committed to changing dementia care through a person-centered approach and positive partnerships in Memory Care. We believe one of the only ways dementia care can be improved is by building trusting relationships with our residents, treating the person,not the condition,and ensuring their voice is recognized and valued. We call this The Artis Way.

Building Authentic Connections

Our care partners truly engage with each person in our Memory Care community to help them grow and thrive as individuals. This opens the door for authentic and positive partnerships, improves the well-being of both our care teams and residents, and allows us to tailor care to each person’s unique interest and needs.

Promoting Inclusive Decision-Making

People living with dementia should be involved in decision-making whenever possible. This promotes a sense of selfhood, preserves their identity and helps them have positive partnerships with their care partners. We also encourage families to actively take part in the planning and delivery of their loved one’s care, so they can be sure their individual needs are being met.

Celebrating Aging Couples

Romance may change, but it never ends at Artis Senior Living communities. Even during the late stages of dementia, older couples still love each other. They may not express their love as they once did, but they can feel the connection. We encourage families to celebrate anniversaries and birthdays, because these are special milestones in their love story.

Creating an Environment of LGBTQ+ Equality and Inclusion

We welcome all seniors with dignity and respect in all our senior living communities, regardless of their race, religion, gender, or who they love. That’s why we offer supportive and discrimination-free senior living options with care partners trained in inclusive healthcare practices. That means the LGBTQ+ residents in our communities can let their guard down and always be themselves.

3 Major Benefits of Positive Partnerships in Memory Care

The benefits of positive partnerships in Memory Care enrich every part of a person’s life. From better sleep to more self-confidence, see how your loved one’s life can improve with these 3 benefits of this person-centered approach to care:

  • Slower pace of cognitive decline. Positive relationships in Memory Care provide socialization, which help the areas of your brain that control mental recall stay active. This can slow the pace and symptoms of cognitive decline.
  • Reduced stress. Dementia can cause intense feelings of anxiety and stress. The presence of someone a Memory Care resident trusts allows the individual to feel calm and reinforces safety, so they can relax. This leads to less aggression and agitation.
  • Improved well-being. Positive partnerships have a meaningful impact on exercise, nutrition, sleep and mood balance. They also motivate residents in Memory Care to lead a more self-directed lifestyle, which can boost their self-esteem and give them a more positive outlook on life.

Find a Refreshingly Different Approach to Memory Care and Assisted Living

Positive partnerships start with forming a personal relationship with each resident, so they always feel like a valuable and respected member of our senior living communities. At Artis Senior Living, we work diligently to build a bridge of communication between our residents and their families to foster dignity and grace for everyone.

To see our thoughtfully designed Assisted Living and Memory Care communities and discover the benefits of The Artis Way, contact our team online, and we’ll schedule a tour of an Artis Senior Living community near you!

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